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McFarlane Nature Park 280 Farm Rd.

Jeff & Linda Pace 4853 Rivercliff Dr.
Multi-textured landscape of towering oaks, maples, hemlocks, river birch, magnolias, Japanese maples, holly, and flowering dogwoods surrounding pond and waterfall. Ornamental beds abound featuring seasonal annuals, selected perennials, azaleas, mountain rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and Knock-out roses.

Jim & Susan Weinstein 741 Burning Tree Dr.
What began as an acre overgrown with trees, kudzu, man-eating azaleas and wild shrubs now boasts a natural garden with an open view that works with the terrain and old trees. We have cleared, terraced and selected or retained plants that can thrive in the different habitats like Japanese maples, crape myrtles, ferns, heucheras, hellebores, trilliums, wild ginger, carex, acorus, yews, azaleas, and camellias.

Paul & Pat Iaffaldano 4364 Classic Links Ct.
This three-year-old garden features a bubbling fountain against a winding brick wall covered in creeping fig. The owner planted a series of cryptomeria and magnolias to enhance the privacy of the yard. A variety of perennials, hydrangeas and flowering trees are settling in to provide color throughout the seasons. Raised planting beds in a sunny location make a perfect culinary garden of herbs and vegetables.

Max & Cheryl Lenker  3759 Waterlily Way
Cheryl, a Cobb Master Gardener, has designed and implemented a garden with fun, family, and her southern heritage in mind. Focal points include a striking water feature and multiple trails and steps lead the visitor to both serene spots of contemplation and vignettes of fun and conversation.

*All Gardens are in Marietta, GA 30067

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